Monday, 18 June 2012

Sharing is CARING!

A room with a view!
I write to you from the country.

A long weekend away to celebrate two grand milestones.

My besties birthday:

The beautiful people jetted in to celebrate (and drink)
Annie wore Hermes (so I copied)
Country.... more TREE than ____ (it's a lifestyle)
And celebrating another milestones this very evening..... my blog's one month anniversary!


How apt I write about birthday cake.

Location:  Country
Duration:  Long weekend getaway
Cause:  Bestie's 40 yrs of fabulousness Birthday and Blog's one month coming of age
Diet:  CAKE

Anyone who knows me well would say I like to have my cake AND eat it!

Look what Betty found!!!!!

It would make me extra content to know people were talking of my 'sweet disposition', but in this blog world of reality and truth, it's more likely and far more probable they're talking of my 'sweet TOOTH'.

I shan't go into great detail here today about my eating habits for feat of pushing you the reader, head first into a mound of sugar coma.  If I do one day choose to divulge exactly how bad my diet is, then at last my tasty twitter followers would understand why I always seem to be exercising, and why I always seem to be tweeting about it.... a bit fat guilty conscious!

Tweeting about the gym.... well tweeting about what I'm WEARING to the gym!
Re diet:  let me tell you, of what goes in one end, only a very small percentage come'th out'th the other end'th!

So when it comes to birthday cake time, I'm that person who is EXTRA particular about which piece of the pie is actually MINE (well which pieces PLURAL).

I'm not a size queen!  It's not the SIZE of the slab of sugary cake which increases my heart rate, it's the percentage ratio of icing sugar to cake that makes my taste buds bloom.

I don't actually like cake....

but I LOVE icing sugar!

This ain't such a big deal until I note everyone's had their budgeted piece of the pie and subtly, I creep in for my 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths.

I'm that person who cuts the icing sugar off the remaining pieces of cake, leaving the unused sponge on the silver platter.

Throughout my 20-something years of life I have heard EVERY excuse as to why this is inappropriate, rude, wasteful, just plain wrong and in bad taste (pun intended).

Well here in my own blog land where I am fortunate enough to get the final say, I'd like to set the record straight (well as straight as I can be).


I am leaving half for you!  Granted I am taking the better half, but eating cake in our wasteful existence is NOT a democracy.... it's first in first served!

Sharing is caring.

VERY clearly.... I care.

Let's share?!

And let's eat us some cake!


  1. Well feck, now all i want is to dive head first into a tub of choclate / vanilla / name your poison ICING..

    drooling at work is not so appropriate, thanks Mr Williams xx

    1. If anyone can make drool sexy it's you beauty! Wet is HOT x