Tuesday, 26 June 2012

proven RIGHT and proven WRONG

on the down low, the HEAD down low!

When you carry on like an OTT ADD know it all, It's not very enjoyable being proven wrong (it's probably not very enjoyable even if you don't carry on like me).


it's blooming fantastic when you're proven right!

When one is proven wrong, one must learn from it.

When one is proven right, one must BLOG ABOUT IT!

Yesterday I blogged that by walking into the city (and not driving) I had the pleasurable opportunity of noticing the sun was shining.

yesterday's sun shining out of the CBD's sky's arse

I'm no doctor (white is a very hard colour to keep clean) so I am unaware if vitamin D played any role in what unravelled, but the walk appeared to have a positive effect on me.  I noticed everything in a new light.

A new SUNlight!

I attributed noticing the sun to my walk and those rose coloured sunglasses, made EVERYTHING brighter.

LOW AND BEHOLD today I DROVE into the city and THIS is what happened!

Meeting one today was with my accountant.

This is the face of a boy who was called to meet his accountant about his spending habits.

hang your head in SHAME spending-habit boy!

Oh I am EXCEPTIONALLY good at spending!  Unfortunately for I (and unfortunately for my bank balance and unfortunately for my accountant) the meeting was not about how GOOD I am at spending (cause I'd win THAT award) it was about how BAD I am at NOT spending.

You can't be good at everything!

I already knew the agenda of the meeting was for me to realise I am NOT major shareholder of Fairfax and I am NOT buying up Channel 10 shares so I am NOT entitled to two chairs on the board (one for me and one for my luxury brand wallet).

Because I already knew this (even though my spending habits prove differently), I tried to dress down and appear like someone who wasn't spending frivolously.

So I wore GHETTO.

Yes, Gucci does GHETTO

These GUCCI kicks scream ghetto.

Sitting in the foyer staring at the two stunning early twenty receptionists with white teeth, petite waists and much more than a fist full...... I noticed THIS:

this is only ONE of my accountants boats

This is what you get for winning the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

My accountants boats are VERY nice and VERY fast (and VERY famous..... not just this boat).

Being in such illustrious company it made me think.  Not only have I not seen any sun today..... I'm wearing the WRONG shoes around such honourable treasures (the two receptionists AND l'plaque d'WON'th line honours d'Sydney du Hob'aart).

I mean I'm channeling GHETTO.... I don't think these two pretty receptionists are hot for GHETTO!

What was I thinking?!  This is one situation where I actually could have worn....


Anyone who knows me KNOWS there is nothing in the entire universe that can possibly make me feel worse than when I THINK I am wearing the wrong shoe (or SHOES plural is twice as bad).

Leaving the meet wearing the wrong shoes with no sun and no sign of the rose coloured glasses I wore yesterday, I tried to find them at my next meeting.

I found them.

I found them in here.

reach toward that synthetic sunlight

Nothing screams rose coloured glasses than a fuschia down light.

Let's do it AGAIN!

and again, and again!

So I'm very grateful to be able to let you know I've popped back on my rose coloured glasses (well my fuschia ones) and I've noticed.....

It's not cold out.... it's WARM in.

Are you wearing yours today?

Yes?  Thank god we're matching!

The moral of the story is I need to start walking MORE!


  1. You need a less flashy accountant! I will give you the name of mine of you want. The dude is a freakin genius. xx

    1. yet again Mrs Woog.... you may just be right x