Tuesday, 12 June 2012

May the force B (for Bingle) with you?

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Love her or hate her.  Everyone has an opinion.  And herein lies what actually might be the most interesting thing about Australian beauty LB.... EVERYONE has an opinion.

It's borderline impossible to find someone who is non partial to Lara's lifestyle, antics, headlines, car, relationships, rumoured relationships, clothes, sex life, body shape, pap shots, hair style, hair colour, nail colour, lipstick colour, skin colour, the list goes on.  You either love it or hate it.... BUT you all took the time to have a look, make your decision.... and then voice it.

Interesting don't you think.  Or do I mean interested?!

Either way, we have a person of interest and definitely in Ms LB's case..... slight fascination.

Last night was the premier episode of Lara's brand new Channel 10 show 'Being Lara Being'.  Of course you already knew this unless you were living under a big Ayers Rock with a broken television antenna, no radio signal and you're currently in a contract with Vodafone so your Twitter feed and your Facebook friends weren't giving you a count down until the opening credits, followed by a minute by minute re-cap of their updated thoughts on each segment and story arch in the episode..... and their expert educated opinion on her lipstick colour.

Heck, even our Prime Minister knew the time the show was going to air and discussed this on live radio.  This is the same Prime Minister who doesn't even know that I am equal to you (Equal Love).... but that's a whole other blog.

So Australia tuned in last night to see first hand what I had already learnt about mate LB.  She's just a cruisey cool chic, somewhat GHASP normal, damn down to earth beach chic chick with an ef'fing fabulous fashion sense, adore-abubble friends, a dumb arse brother with a fine taste for creme caramels (that makes him even cuter), a bloody legendary family and genuinely captivating aquatic blue eyes.

Rumour on the street is those are some exotic and talented 'come f@*&k me eyes!'

I can confirm on very good authority that they certainly are talented.  Geez Louise, we all want rave reviews in that personal apparel department?  It takes lots of practice and two to tango in order to win the mirror ball trophy while performing the dance of love, lust, or the dance of passion (depending on who you ask).

Those not voting for Lara in the next election often label Bingle a bimbo.  There's a whopping difference greater than the girth of a size DD cup between a stupid bimbo and a simple placid girl (leading anything other than a simple placid life) who at times may have gained from some equal part tough love while being wrapped up in a bit of cotton wool.

Interesting then to learn, the one man who may have gained the most personally from investing in cotton wool to wrap LB up in, was recently vacuumed off the carpet.

But nothing about Lara Bingle is swept UNDER the carpet.  It's all out there for us to see and enjoy like a hand full of side tittie.

I'm looking forward to the day we can watch the spectacle wearing LB's eyewear range.  If there's one thing the girl does PERFECTLY, it's fashion.  So these should hit the nail on the head or is that put the shade on the face.  It's one thing to design a brilliant pair of glasses but it's another thing to market them.  Some companies pay millions in brand advertisement so we are aware they even exist, and some brands are paid by companies to have a single camera follow them around to remind us they are simply existing.

Think about it, it's sorta a no brainer which one I'd prefer to be.

So who is right about beauty Lara Bingle?  The lovers or the haters?

We are going to find out.................  right after this quick commercial break:

This commercial break was brought to you by one chick just living her life, it was not brought to you by Bruce and Kris Jenner, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian.  Nor was it brought to you by the force that is Ryan Seacrest nor the force behind Ryan Seacrest.  

And yet we're STILL talking about it.

May the force B with you (B for Bingle)

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  1. The issue for me about the show was a number of factors.

    First she was neither likeable nor unlikeable therefore I felt neutral about her which is not good for a reality show;
    The scenarios did not feel real. The nude pics for one thing. she has Darren Lyons phone number as she is in a restaurant with him wouldn't you ring him up and ball him out if those photos were not set up. Also that would have made an entertaining scene.
    There was more people talking to camera then in conversation with each other.
    She shows very little emotion, except when talking about her father. She kind of has one look which is to smile. It is a nice one, but not sure it can sustain ten episodes.
    Seriously would prefer a reality show about your life as it would be far more entertaining.