Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I DO! Jack-Jack-Jackie and the Muscle Marie Claire!

love is love is love is love is love

Thank you Jackie Frank and thank you Marie Claire.

Do you, Adam Williams thank Jackie Frank and Marie Claire for their lawful, credited plight to campaign that your love is equal to their reader's love regardless of sexuality, gender, colour, ethnicity, income, postcode, net worth, eye colour.... I do.


Marie Claire you may be a magazine, but right now you are our God!  A god that loves thy neighbour in a non judgemental way and is empowering your readers and believers to have faith that one day, if we work hard and harm no others, we too can be as valued, as important as and as equal to your other readers.

Primarily a women's magazine, I'm awed that Jackie and her team are strong enough to take a stand to fight for my human rights as a man who loves another...... well simply loves ANOTHER.

I'm grateful to the women who came before Jackie who actually fought in the 19th Century to ensure women were regarded equal to man, for without them Jackie wouldn't even have been able to have her platform.  MEN decided that women had no right to vote, to hold public office, to work, to fair wages or equal pay, to own property or to be educated.  Lucky we sorted that one out hey..... Julia Gillard.

I wish our female Prime Minister had a better memory and could remember that day too.  Perhaps Ms Gillard is too busy worrying about her RED hair?

I mean the bible suggests that Eve's red hair was the stain of sin and folk law suggests red hair a sign of a witch.  And MAN actually chose to burn 45,000 of those red head FEMALE witches with abnormalities like freckles and..... red hair.

It's lucky Ms Gillard's boyfriend doesn't have red hair, because Hitler banned the marriage of two red heads fearing their children would be deviant offspring.

Speaking of Hitler, only TODAY did Australian Christian Lobbiest Jim Wallace compare supporters of marriage equality to NAZIS while debating with Dr Kerryn Phelps (who ironically is Jewish).  A classy call that one Mr Wallace.  Clearly so well educated.

I hope Ms Gillard has never heard the phrase 'I'll beat you like a red head stepchild', a phrase born in the American South in regard to illegitimate children.  They did love their slaves in the South.

Power to Ms Gillard, red head slaves were actually more valuable in price than non read heads.

But it's literally absurd in this day and age to imagine our Prime Minister's hair colour should determine her price as a slave.... or a witch.

It's actually ABSURD and offensive to recall the day there even WERE slaves.

It's absurd and offensive to recall the day women were not equal to men and one day if I can marry and give a safe and loving home to a child, they will look back on the day when I was considered not equal and think..... how ABSURD!


We are EQUAL.  You are EQUAL!  Thank you Jackie Frank and thank you Marie Claire.

A x


  1. Hahahah Oh Adam you even make such big issues fun to read. x V

  2. Thanks Vince, means ALOT! Please feel free to share the link on your FB or Twitter to keep the people talking about the big issues. Appreciate babe. A x

  3. Love the Blog Adam.
    I to hope that one day you can marry and raise a family like the rest of us "so called" normal people.
    I can't wait to be part of your wedding day, you were a special part of ours. You made our day better by being there.
    Mandy and I will vote for your equal rights when the time comes.
    Love you little brother.

    1. LOVE YOU brother BJ, Sister Mandy and prince Marlin x