Thursday, 14 June 2012

Crystal ball, where will I wear?

That's what I was gonna wear!

Packing is my very worst nightmare!

It would be so much easier if I could see into the future.

It would be ungrateful not to acknowledge it's a decent wardrobe.  But nowhere in that wardrobe have I yet stumbled across my crystal ball.

Trying to find the crystal ball in my wardrobe is like trying to find the matching foot to a ruby red limited edition NIKE hightop kick.  It really should scream out at you!  You hope it's there (because walking the sidewalk of life would be far cooler and easier with both feet) but you're just not sure where you last saw it..... and you're not even sure if it actually exists.

The crystal ball and the matching ruby red NIKE hightop kick!

If I did own that crystal ball (I don't remember purchasing one, but there's piles of folded bits and pieces in my wardrobe I genuinely don't recall purchasing) life would be far easier to put the correct fashionable comfortable foot forward..... especially when having to choose which foot to put forward in advance..... like in the future!

Here's my point:

When having to pack a bit of an overnighter (a four-nighter in this particular case), how am I meant to know what I'm going to feel like wearing tomorrow at like...... say 4pm, WITHOUT the crystal ball?!

Without the crystal ball, how will I know what I'm going to feel like wearing at 5pm?

or 6pm?

or 6.58pm?

Hell, the weather man has a crystal ball and he can't even get right what mood the weather is going to be in tomorrow.  How the schamozzle am I meant to decipher what mood tomorrow I'm going to be in?  And THEN match an outfit to that mood?

Sometimes I can't even honestly tell you what mood I'm in NOW.

It's VERY ooga-booga!  Delving into the future and picking an outfit for it?!  Can you see my point?  You can probably see my point in your crystal ball?!  Because how else are you finding it so easy to pack?

Clearly everyone else must remember purchasing their crystal balls and remember exactly where they placed them in their wardrobe, because it appears to me that no one else BUT me seems so daunted by the forward-thinking-see-into-the-future task of packing luggage!

No one else seems daunted by the job of bagging up an outfit to wear to a lunch NEXT Sunday, a lunch we won't even find out exists, or is going to happen until next SATURDAY!

Does anyone have a spare crystal ball?

Can I find them on sale at the mid season stock takes?

Does David Jones or Myer have a better range of crystal balls?

Yeah I know, crystal balls are probably cheaper online.

Hope to see you in the future, looking fashionably forward trending, and with a decent set of crystal balls!

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