Monday, 25 June 2012

It's not WHAT you see it's HOW you see it

This light makes my teeth look whiter, how did I see it? By taking a SELFIE

Today I had two meetings in the CBD.  I live a 5min drive from the days obligatory destinations yet it has never crossed my mind to walk there.  I'm the person who drives one block to Tropicana every night to pick up my Summer salad with chicken (even in Winter) so why wouldn't I drive three blocks to the CBD?

The walk was multifunctional:

a.  I had some work tracks I needed to listen to and

b.  I was too bloody lazy to gym today, and with a 'GET FIT QUICK' deadline looming, I chose to rename the three block stroll cardio.

This is the 3rd reason why I had to walk, I was about to eat the moisturiser AND the eye cream.

When I picture driving into the city I picture banked up traffic, No Right Turns, parking issues, No Right Turns, EXPENSIVE underground parking solutions, No Right Turns, on street parking fines and Left Turn ONLY's.

But travelling the same road by foot today, it made me see the journey in a whole different light.

LITERALLY different light!

I actually noticed the sun was shining.  

I can't confirm I was walking ON sunshine, but I was definitely walking IN sunshine and while I may not be the band 'Katrina and the Waves' nor the cast of GLEE, I'm pretty confident on and in are practically the same thing (bar a vowel or two).

If I was driving, probs wouldn't have even noticed the sun even though it still would'a been there.  So by walking today and not driving I learnt:

It's not WHAT you see, it's HOW you get there!........ I mean HOW you see it!

I don't know if consequently the sun was shining out of everyone's arse today, but I even made a new friend.

My new friend

I DIDN'T think:

I can't believe you're walking up William St carrying tonnes of heavy frabic and dragging white fabric along this filthy road.

Using the new motto It's not WHAT you see it's HOW you see it, I thought:

This must be the most best day of your life.  As a best friend of Dorothy's, Ruby slippers in Oz are VERY near to my heart!

TRY USING the motto It's not WHAT you see, it's HOW you see it today (it's a great motto for Instagram users)

Here are some other examples:

it's not "Shit you really ARE flat!"
it's "well done for holding onto 8kpa of air out 240kpa"
it's not "this scarf malts ALL over dark clothing"
it's "how ideal this scarf is for camouflaging with the natural fauna"
it's not "brrrrrr it's cold at the airport at this hour"
it's "look we can write names in the windows"

it's not "Simone's head is in the way of my obligitory skyline TweetPic"
it's "how delightful Simone's hair matches the skyline"
it's not "OMG Powerlines just exploded on Victoria St'
it's "We can REACH for the actual stars"

it's not "you've got NOTHING to add to this conversation"
it's "I love how transparent you are with our relationship"

it's not "WHAT THE HELL IS IT?"
it's "this would have the BEST SPF rating"
it's not "I have a phobia about sweeping the floors"
it's "what an economical showgirl costume option"
it's not "why can't i STOP eating"
it's "this food coma is going to make for an extraordinary afternoon nap"

With my new found outlook, I left that meeting practically floating:

Actually leaving that meeting practically floating
Gold I tell ya! Pure wearable GOLD!

And low and behold, I noticed my shoes matched the floating banister, and were literally Gold.  Gold!  The colour of a winner.

Walking home, I was trying to see the roads paved with that same gold.

Keep you posted on that one.

This post is dedicated to my dear StMurphy.  He celebrated a milestone recently.  He is fabulously pretty pink, so it could be true in saying that nobody else has mastered seeing the world through rose coloured glasses quite like HIM.  Ironic then that being in his company and by calling him a friend, the world is that touch more colourful and bright.  

Celebrating the milestone with the SAINT D'MURPHY. You can't tell by looking at this picture exactly which milestone he was celebrating (I hope you can't tell the number of milestones I've had EITHER)

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