Friday, 8 June 2012

A party, no invite and SPECIAL guest gets LOOSE!

These were bumped out and cleared JUST for the event

I didn't receive the invitation but apparently it was written in the sky.

I was NOT prepared for such a spectacle and I felt VERY under dressed.

I've been to some pretty very memorable events.  This city throws a rip-rorter of a soiree.  A congregation of celebration quite literally happens seven nights a week thanks to the fabulous and tireless work of our heaven Event Planning and PR companies, and attended by some fabulous (and some tiresome) well dressed peeps.

We've partied on Wayne, we've partied on Garth, and we've partied on at some ingenious original hotspots (read random) to celebrate quite literally ANYTHING and YES.... I actually HAVE been to the opening of a fridge.  Granted it was an Alex Perry for Electrolux fridge, so the whole night (and the fridge) were as seamlessly executed and as fashionably fabulous as an actual Alex Perry gown!

But the fridge couldn't open itself.

It could probably defrost itself though.

But it couldn't be it's own opening.

Call in the party peeps!  What makes a good party (it's not the endless supply of Australian Bubbly) it's the endless supply of bubbly Australian party peeps.

There's lots of parties I'm not cool or current enough to be invited to, and one of these parties happened today.

There was a party on my very own balcony and I wasn't even invited!  Had I known the calibre of the stunning guests flying in for the occasion I probably would have flushed the toilet.

The stage is set!
The backdrop for the venue was spectacular.  Top secret venues are all the rage and this party was so top secret, no one else even knew about it.  I was the only one sitting on the balcony for the arrival of our special guest.

He flew in especially for the occasion and landed centre stage framed perfectly by his backdrop (great staging at this party).

Realising immediately that something special had joined my party of one, I did what everyone else seems to do when a special guest arrives, I pulled out my iPhone, tried to get as close as possible to the guest labeled 'special' and started taking pics.  Lots and lots of pics.

Guest has had SERIOUS media training, there's not a bad photo.
I'm so grateful he allowed me so many tweet pics of his Hermes-ablades outfit.  Stunning.  It totes put my gym gear to shame.  However my navy Adidas with Black Body Science was possibly a little more seasonal than his Spring or Summer colour pallet, but maybe he's wearing next season, Summer 12/13?  You can't dis fashion.

He obviously felt he'd met and finished his media obligations (although he never did mention who he was wearing) because after a couple of hundred iPhone camera frames....... he'd had enough.

Exiting stage right, camera left, OP, you can't HIDE in that outfit buster.
With the guests official arrival duties complete, it was time to get him a drink.

Beverages weren't sponsored at this event, so we won't mention what he's drinking.
I got the chance to thank him for the photos but I don't think he really listened.  He kept looking in another direction pretending to take in the view, but I could tell he was looking for someone more important to talk to (remember, I wasn't even invited)!

Checking the view my arse, that body language SCREAMS you're not listening.
I got a feeling THIS is who he wanted to meet but he didn't want to make it obvious.

Perhaps this is what we will ALL be wearing in Summer 12/13
I didn't want to listen in but is Cupid mixing on the DJ decks at this event?  Cause these two are nudging closer and closer.  Can practically see this Sunday Telegraph headlines already 'Special Guest Hooks Up with Aussie Local'.  Maybe they bonded over fashion trends.  Is that Lara?

"act like we're looking at the view, but it's 0414 #$% (@*"
Laughing at each others jokes.
Someone's said something funny or is laughing off a celesbian affair.  The ice is broken, party is now clearly pumping.

It's at this stage of any fabulous event or party with a special guest that you should stop taking pictures.

and THIS is why.................!
You really shouldn't be flying yourself home.  Do you even have a license ATM? 
So while I wasn't even cool enough to be invited to the party on my OWN balcony, I'm really glad I happened to be there for the arrival of the special guest.  Thank you for flying in just for the occasion, you added such a distinct personality and colour to make it an EVENT.

Please come again.

Same time next week?

Pigs might fly!

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