Sunday, 1 July 2012

Brad and Lara DIDN'T win The Block

today we're wearing DEODORANT!

Oh I do love a good conspiracy.

I spent half of 2010 falling asleep watching Youtube clips on conspiracy theories re 9/11.

It genuinely made for a TERRIBLE night's sleep, but my fascination with the jaw dropping criss-crossing intertwined theories I unravelled far outweighed the nightmares and the fear George. W. Bush was tracking me like a voice over man shuffling with Sonia Kruger in the Big Brother House via these specific Youtube channels.

While the horror of 9/11 has literally NOTHING to do with the feel good, slap happy, hard working hammer and nail entertainment plus that is Channel 9's The Block, I couldn't help but feel something was up the minute reserve prices were announced on last night's grand finale.

Each of the four couples were just a sminnie gob smacked (and suppressing-ly happy) that the reserve prices were just a touch under what each of them had imagined..... well a lot under actually.

I don't claim to be an expert on real estate prices but I can claim to be an expert about watching real estate television shows.  I'm even addicted to the BBC's endless roll out of generically middle class couples searching for generically cold, dark middle class English homes!

(I think I have a fascination of looking at stranger's furniture.... either that or it's an architect thing!  An architect thing I hear you ask?  Yeah, when I was a kid I used to use my leggo to build actual interiors and went through a 36month phase beginning age 9 of drawing floor plans of my dream homes..... random right?  Well, it was equal part floor plans of my dream homes and upside down wedding dresses that I was sketching, but upside down wedding dresses have NOTHING to do with my block conspiracy!).


After my heart rate spiked a little at the announcement of The Block's auction day reserve prices I settled in watch the drama unfold.

And unfold it did, like an origami treasure chest of made for television GOLD!

First up were Brad and Lara.  From the very initial get-go of bids, the price skipped on WAY past the reserve with a momentum and gusto greater than the tornado that travelled my friend Dorothy un-renovated farmhouse to Oz.

This probably wouldn't have urked any suspicion except for the fact that in 2011, only ONE house managed to sell over the reserve price (a rather deflating jumping castle of a grand finale in 2011).  But these 2012 bids were making for FANTASTIC TV!

The very second bidding started on house number two (these contestants also surprised at how low their reserve was), my theory was confirmed as bidding re-jumped STRAIGHT PAST this reserve price like an Easter Bunny on too many Sudafed.

As I'm sure you can predict, all FOUR houses were on a rock and roll, just like the first two.

Now if you want facts re last night's grand finale (like the fact winning couple Brad and Lara walked on home with a whopping $602K cash in hand) you can google.  Cause this blog post is about a conspiracy theory and NOT about facts.

While I believe reserves could have possibly been set too low to accommodate the poor outcome of last year's grand finale.....


Cause after each couple worked tirelessly and put their blood sweat and tears into producing the best product possible, I quite love that they all ended up winners with a couple-a handfulls of cold hard cash.

For the first time ever, I genuinely felt like all contestants walked away winners.  And I liked it.  I loved it!

Cause I reckon anyone that works that hard for a positive outcome, deserves to be a winner.

So my next conspiracy is that Brad and Lara DIDN'T win.... all four couples won!

This conspiracy I like!

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