Sunday, 27 May 2012

VERY muscle Mary un-birthday to you!

It takes balls to do this shit!

At approximately 5.30pm AEST this afternoon, my little baby blog officially turns one week old.

It wasn't a hard labour... it practically just fell out!

fell out of where?

Loose I hear you say?

Loose lips!
My loose lips
I'm widely known in certain circles for my wealth of self proclaimed expertise on so many topics and my verbal diarrhoea has been the star attraction of many a'dinner party (the star, definitely not the romantic lead).  So to commit the crime of having 'too much to say' to paper (or to keyboard in this case) was actually far easier than getting knocked up, waiting for nine months, eating shitloads and pushing, pushing, pushing.
Couldn't include pics of our Top Models getting knocked up, so have included pics of them eating shitloads.... wouldn't you if your best friend kept walking in the Chanel show!
I keep mentioning Chanel.... here's my Karl Lagerfeld impression

Well maybe I have been eating shitloads.... but I far more enjoy 'pulling'.

I look back over the last week with great pride.  Look how my little baby has grown.  I have fed her with words, ideas and random thoughts and in return nearly 2,000 people have popped in to see how she's developed and what she is up to.

Three wise men have not turned up with presents for my baby.

I found one wise man
But two wise blogging women have given me the priceless gift of endorsement (shout out to Mrs Woog and Edanland) and in this current climate, an endorsement from a god like NIKE (or Mrs Woog or Edanland) is far more valuable than the gift of Frankincense or Myrrh..... I mean what the hell are Frankincense and Myrrh?  They're incense, like the ones available at the $2 shop for less than $2, they're those things you burn to make your house smell like a hippie lived there.... who wants to live where a hippie would live (who wants to SMELL like a hippie?)!

I don't love everything my little baby blog has done in her whole week life time, however like a true parent my love is unconditional.

Here I am even loving myself unconditionally
Even I get a little shocked at how transparent she's been on some quite personal topics, but I think in time she will learn to keep some of her thoughts to herself and only share those that won't get anyone into trouble.

I think my baby blog might be a little bit superficial.
Oh the shock!  Are you calling ME superficial? 
I mean pictures of diamond watches, Louis Vuitton luggage, $25K couture dresses and $10K handbags in shocking pink covering private parts and man jewels.... it's all a touch vulgar.  But babies learn from their parents and my babies daddy is just a touch superficial too.

Who's your daddy?!
I'm rather impressed that my baby blog isn't a name dropper.  She has access to some very high profile movers and shakers, but very few names have been dropped in order to impress (if you drop a name, sometimes you gotto bend over to pick it up).
If I began blogging 5yrs ago, woulda mentioned my bestie Paris (she's done a lot of bending over, sometimes to pick things up)
I sometimes wish my baby blog would comment on topics that are relevant and totally current.  But she's only just coming on one week old, who really would care what her thoughts on the current NASDAQ position are, or whether Facebook's unattractive share price is a Morgan Stanley masterminded conspiracy to place billions in Mark Zuckerberg's pocket (I mean are you suggested Master Zuckerberg is a common thief, like he'd steal your idea or something.... what would give you that impression?).

But my baby blog is giving it a go, and if there's anything I've learnt in my 20-something year lifetime, giving it a go is far more important than just sitting idle and waiting for a blog to magically write itself.
Me standing idle waiting for my blog to magically write itself.
Yes, twenty-something!  There I said it!

Spank you VERY much for reading, and thank you VERY much Mrs Woog who taught me if she can be bothered setting up the actual page for you, the least you can do is turn up to your laptop and write something.... anything.  Maybe you won't change a life, but maybe you will give someone some shit giggles for two minutes of their life.... and let's be honest, sometimes the other 23hrs and 58mins can be full of enough OTHER shit!

Hope you enjoyed this two minutes of shit!

Love A x


  1. Baby's are still on trend. Being a week old means it is moving out of the stage where there is no cone head or squashed monkey face.

    Happy 1 week babyblogaversary hope the stitches are healing nicely.

  2. Why thank you Digella for the birthday lovin!

    unfortunately haters might suggest I still have my squashed monkey face, but your kind words make it all good!

    Stitch on, stich off

    A x

  3. Adam.

    I can never meet you ... am HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH YOU. Wow. You're the hottest guy I have EVER seen in my life. (And I've seen some guys!)

    Happy blogging birthday.


    1. Edenland D'blogggod,

      Me thinks you're featuring that sarcasm again!

      But I will take the birthday cheer with joy.

      Love A x

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